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2007 - Style Writing in Havana


Our March 2007 project in Havana: Finishing all left-over paint. No workshops, no program, no office attendance, no bureaucracy, nothing to organize - JUST PAINTING! Blessed by weather good enough for postcards, nothing could actually go wrong.

I shot the Sheriff!
That at least had been the plan...

Yet, already at our third night - for reasons useless to discuss - we had a
very unpleasant encounter with the police directly in front of their Habana Centro Police Station. The next day we were
again quickly arrested while painting our second wall.

This time by the immigration police. After five desperate days with constant authority attendance and endless bureaucracy we sur- prisingly pulled the right levers.

          The police was called to withdraw from the top           and we had a unique document in our hands.

          We were asked to dictate an expandable list of           10 walls at will. Without examination, without           planing commission, without drafts! He who           knows Havana, knows that under normal circum-           stances this is actually impossible...

          What had happened there? Actually it was only           one of the many magic moments, that had           accompanied our project from the outset.

The'Comité de Defensa de la Revolución' (C.D.R.) shows some sense of humor:
"Mein Führer befiehl, wir folgen dir! - Command my Fuehrer, we will follow you!".
A slogan gladly used by the informer brigades. Because of the arrests we were somehow more reluctant to paint over it right away.

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